Тема: Display Issues after Update


I am currently managing a HPC cluster consisting of 8 identical (CPU, RAM, video card, etc) compute nodes. Procedure for updating is to choose one node, update, test, then push this image to the other 7 nodes using pxe boot. Recent updates included the kernel to 3.10.0-514.6.1.el7 as well as other user requested software (SciPy, NumPy, R, and Octave). The push to 6 of the 7 remaining nodes worked flawlessly. The remaining node exhibits display issues as described below.
Upon rebooting, I noticed that the user login GUI was absent. Switching to CLI I was able to start Gnome but, although my desktop icons were present, the usual tool bars at the top and the bottom were absent. I soon realized that the issue was that the display was extending far beyond the boundaries of my monitor, both in the desktop and during login. Investigating the Displays under the All Settings menu, I noticed the default was set for a 72'' Seiko Epson Monitor. The secondary display is the desired display for my 23'' Ancor Communications (ASUS) monitor. I quickly realized that the display issue for Gnome was resolved for my account by merely turning off the 72" display; however, this neither fixes the problem for other users nor the GUI login. Also attempting to reimage the machine using pxe has not rectified the problem.
My questions are
1. How do I disable or delete this disable this display so that the default for all users as well as the login GUI is set to the 23" ASUS
2. Any idea how I picked this display up? Prior to pxe boot, I do not believe this display existed on this machine; certainly it was not the default. Since I was imaging a machine that did not have a 72" adapter, I am a bit at a loss where it could have come from and how it could have become the default

Any help will be apprecited.

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