Тема: Frame drops in everything after 1 minute of GPU inactivity


In any application, I'm experiencing frame drop of sub-10 fps after i idle my mouse and keyboard for about a minute. Once i move my mouse at all or I type anything on the keyboard it returns back to normal. This is really frustrating when watching any type of video. Also, I discovered that my GPU usage shoots up to 100% during this low fps period. I've already explored the power options in windows and the performance settings in nvidia control panel, making sure everything is on the highest performance level. I will include specs and a screenshot of GPU-Z below.
Windows 10
GTX 750ti
AMD X4 860K
2x 60GB SSD
2x HDD
Gigabyte F2A78M-HD2 Motherbard
Antec 750W PSU

Please help.

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