Тема: Multimedia 10


Multimedia 10 is an app that runs on the Windows 10 Modern UI and lets you access a variety of your PC's media.
If you want a quick way to search, manage and access all of your Windows 8 media, Multimedia 8 is an app you'll want to take a look at. Its sleek and tiled interface fits right into the new Modern UI as well.
Multimedia 8 allows you to play back media from your various libraries, as well as search for it in your libraries and Media Servers. It offers SRT and WebVTT subtitles support, and multi-language media as well.
You can also use Multimedia 8 to create, manage, and shuffle playlists for a truly customized feel to your library. If you have a webcam or microphone, this app will also let you capture video or audio.
Multimedia 8 is another nice looking app to be developed as a result of Windows 8's unique tiled interface that many users will find helpful in organizing and playing their PC's media..

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