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I have a couple of questions too to the developers & users as well about what the whole project LuxRender represents.Honestly I don't know what's the exact reason why the development goes on (where's this going) , don't misunderstand me, I like a lot the software but there are a few things about being "artist friendly"like the materials, the lack of a ubershader things like that. And the fact that in comparison with other software that tries to mimic the real life light behaviour LuxRender somehow doesn't looks so realistic (Keep in mind that in most of the cases simulating light leads to photorealistic imagery) it looks like washed out, it has that "thing" that doesn't help. It has became such complex that perhaps is its nature that makes it so hard to do things the way it should be.

Please help.

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http://www.luxrender.net/forum/viewtopi … mp;t=12540
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